Hey listeners, thank you so much for your patience with this episode – I think it was totally worth it! I am sending you my conversation with the wonderful Miel Rose, which was really wonderful and had both giggles and depth. Here is what we talked about: 

  • Yearning for intimacy with the landscape 
  • Eclectic magic
  • Lemonbalm and Mugwort as allies
  • Sharing between plant and human bodies
  • How magic supports folks who live with experiences of isolation, chronic illness and suicidal ideation 
  • Receiving support in building authentic devotional practices
  • Staying embodied in this time and place
  • Miel’s beautiful year long class
Miel Rose is a rural, working class femme raised by hippies in the wilds of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.  She is a textile artist, medicine maker, magic skills teacher, and an intuitive guidance giver who believes in her effectiveness as a wounded healer.  She was raised with a strong anti-capitalist/anti-consumer ethic, which is to say that she believes in cultivating reciprocal relationships with the world around us vs. seeing the world as inert matter for our consumption. She believes in an intersectional view of systemic oppression, which is to say that she believes we are living within the death throes of a soul eating civilization whose main expressions are rape culture, colonization and genocide, white supremacy, hatred for queerness and gender variance, life destroying class disparity, and general ecocide, all of which are interlocking tentacles of the same beast. She believes that it is impossible to survive in this system without accruing some form of trauma, that personal traumatic happenings are related to systemic oppression, and that a “culture” that is based on systemic oppression is traumatizing in and of itself. She believes in centering trauma in magical work, and that committing to the process of  healing our trauma is a magical act, one that ripples out through time and space.
Miel’s website: Mielrose.com
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