Loved listeners,
this is my last episode for 2018 and I am so so happy to end with such a beautiful, honest and inspiring conversation. Danette was my writing coach many moons ago and her love and wisdom is still with me all the time! She is incredibly funny and wise and has taught me so much about life, writing and loving myself.
Here is what we talked about: 
  • How Danette got married to herself on a beach 17 years ago
  • Creating new traditions that are authentic and real
  • Getting clear on what we really want to do with our lives
  • Sustaining commitment to ourselves and our creativity in the long run
  • Why we love podcasting so much
  • Making awkward art
Danette Relic has been married to herself for almost 18 years and it has been by far the hottest and most profound relationship in her life. She is a personal life coach, artist +  writer, based online at Radical Creative Sanctuary and at home in Toronto. Her mission is to help people transform their relationships with themselves. All of her work centers around self love – healing, dreaming, loving and creating from the core of who we are in a new, radical way.
Heartbreak has been her favourite method of learning the importance of self love in her own life. After many spectacular lessons, Danette began writing her first book, Crash Bloom: the 7 Houses of Heartbreak, a creatively empowering guide to heal from a breakup without skipping over the beauty of your own emotions. The book is in the final stages but you can get a quick map of the 7 Houses of Heartbreak when you sign up for her newsletter.
Danette loves to work with individuals who are ready to say yes to falling in love with themselves + their one precious life – even if it scares them. Her most popular coaching program, Radical Self Engagement creates space for her clients to ask what might happen if they treated themselves like someone they truly love – and develop the beliefs and practices to cultivate that change.
The best way to get a taste of Radical Vows and Danette‘s approach to self marriage (or simply enjoy some self love pep talks on topics such as boundaries and singing to yourself in the mirror) is by listening to her new favourite project, The Soft Shoulder Podcast.
Radical Creative Sanctuary:
The Soft Shoulder Podcast
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