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Hey friends,

it feels so good to be back! This Friday I am sharing a beautiful conversation with my friend Manisha Tare who is an incredible mentor, guide and healing professional. I love her thoughts and approaches to emotional healing and the many many things she is putting out there to help us come home to our bodies and be present with what is unfolding in our lives. Tune in to hear more about:

  • Injuries as an invitation to pause and explore our experiences
  • Being in a body and making it a home
  • Living with chronic pain
  • Transitioning into work that is sustainable and aligned with who we are
  • Practices for grounding in times of transition
Manisha Tare serves an intuitive guide, healer & mentor for highly sensitive and empathic people who are on a journey back home to themselves. Through a combination of energetic, intuitive and somatic approaches, she guides her clients to connect to their inner knowing in order to heal & clear old emotional trauma at its core. Through their work together, her clients feel more grounded, have greater clarity and confidence in who they are, can ask for what they need, trust their decisions more, and direct their lives with increased inner trust. She works with clients virtually all over the world. To learn more about her background, approach, & philosophy, visit 
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