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Hey folks,

this is a little solo episode with some ideas and inspiration for your Beltane celebrations. I am sharing a tarot spread I will be doing, ways in which I am exploring pleasure of my own understanding in May, some ritual ideas and I am reading some beautiful words on flower essences by Dori Midnight as well as a few lines from adrienne maree brown’s book Pleasure Activism for your delight!

Here are the questions for the tarot spread:

  • What does being in full bloom mean to me right now?
  • What does my body need to be in full bloom?
  • What does my mind need to be in full bloom?
  • What does my spirit need to be in full bloom?

Here is Dori Midnight’s instagram love:

This is where you can find adrienne maree brown’s book:

Here is the Healing Justice podcast episode about flower essences with Dori Midnight that I mentioned:

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