Hey folks,
I am delighted to bring you another interview episode with the wonderful Jade of Milk and Honey Herbs!
As you know I adore talking to plant people who are finding radical and nourishing ways to support themselves and their communities! Here is what Jade and I dreamed and giggled about:
  • What a herbalist’s workday can look like
  • Discovering plants as allies for our health and wellbeing
  • Connecting with different bioregions
  • How we can give back to our environments
  • Simple herbal selfcare strategies
  • Running a community clinic
  • Teaching and building community through Patreon
Jade Alicandro Mace weaves a love of bioregionally abundant herbs and kitchen medicine into her work as a community and clinical herbalist. When she’s not teaching bioregional herbalism to students and apprentices, you can find her roaming the hedges with her harvest basket in-hand or at home in the kitchen brewing-up some potent food as medicine. She’s a mother to her 10 and 6 year-old daughters, partner, tender of chickens and cats and new puppy, blogger and writer, and half-gardener to her mostly wild gardens. In 2012 she co-founded the Greenfield Community Herbal Clinic, dedicated to affordable herbal care, and also maintains a long-distance clinical practice. Through her Patreon community she offers monthly online classes and plant study groups, and she teaches an online kitchen herbalism course each winter as well. She makes her home in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts, in unceded Nipmuk territory.
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