Happy Solstice, sweet ones!

I hope you get a chance to celebrate the longest or shortest day of the year in a way that connects you to the magic of cyclical living and everyday ceremony.

It feels so special to bring you a really beautiful interview with my former mentor Nancy Antenucci today – I adore her book, received so much great guidance from her and am always excited to read her newsletters. Here is what we talked and laughed about:

  • Being a creative advocate
  • Speaking with our bodies and getting out of our heads
  • Tarot as a big mansion with a room for each card
  • What it can mean to be psychic
  • Writing to stay sane

Nancy Antenucci of Between The Worlds LLC (www.betweenworlds.us) is an innovator whose creative take on tarot, and how it can be woven into a variety of other work, including movement, performance art, and deep ritual, makes her a highly sought-after teacher and presenter around the country and internationally.  She is the author of “Psychic Tarot – Using Your Natural Abilities to Read the Cards”.  She founded Twin Cities Tarot Collective which produces the North Star Tarot conference, an innovative monthly Meetup and training for readers. She is currently branching into creative strategizing for start ups and mid sized businesses as well as creating multi-media videos bringing the divine into the everyday. She is a faculty member of the Arcana Company in Chengdu, China.

More info about the business workshop series I mentioned is here: https://yarrowdigital.com/free-webinars/

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