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Hey folks, happy Friday!

Glad to be bringing you another tarot related episode – June seems to be a month of refreshing and re-inventing my practice, so I hope you are excited too! This time I spoke with the wonderful Gina of Incandescent Tarot about all these beautiful things:

  • How Gina became a tarot reader and found the name for her business
  • Tarot as a creative, fluid, creative art and a tool for self-discovery
  • Learning to trust our own minds
  • Disagreeing with the cards and working with archetypes
  • Tarot maps as a way to navigate big life questions

Gina Wisotzky is a professional tarot reader, teacher, and intuitive with 18 years experience reading the cards. Her practice centers around cultivating, honoring, and giving voice to each individual’s sense of intuition through classes, gatherings, and in-person sessions. Having experienced the power of tarot and intuition-building through many phases of her life, it’s her joy to share these tools with others, reintroducing them as innate and accessible to all of us, no matter our backgrounds. She hosts two local meetups – The Durham Tarot Club & Craft Night – and is co-host of the podcast, Open Magic.

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