Hey friends, I am sending a really beautiful episode with the wonderful Bri of Tadpole Magic your way! This one I think is particularly cool if the recent eclipses got you curious about astrology, but you’re maybe a bit sceptical or not sure where to start.

Here is what we talked about: 
  • Learning from experiences rather than only from books
  • Making astrology touchable
  • Why being sceptical is totally okay
  • The value of archetypes for our relationships, careers and spiritualities
  • Why we think no one should let the internet tell them who they are
Bri is a witch, astrologer, writer for their blog, Tadpole Magic, and co-host of the podcast, Open Magic. They want magic, tarot, astrology, and all metaphysical practices to feel usable, to help provide language and perspective to your lived experiences, and to act as a doorway to tapping into your inner wisdom. They recently launched an astrological offering called Learning Your Astrology that is focused specifically on helping you navigate your personal natal chart through 12 weeks of one-on-one sessions and personalized exercises such as meditations, rituals, and spells. Bri deeply values the wisdom that each person holds within themselves and sees astrology as a means for us to recognize it within ourselves.
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