Hey beautiful people,

thank you for making time for another Daydreaming Wolves episode! Today I am sharing my conversation with my wonderful friend and co-masterminder Samantha Wallen about the transformative power of writing, what it means to loose and find home and many other wonderful things. Since I am in Scotland at the moment, kind of in-between worlds and life chapters, this feels very timely!

Here is some more info about what Sam and I talked about: 

  • How Sam became a writer and why it’s so powerful to claim that title
  • Finding presence, stillness and deep reflection through writing
  • Enchantment and touching what lives beyond language
  • Loosing a home, growing new roots and reclaiming a sense of value
  • The radical potential of writing

You can sign up for Sam’s One Word can set your Free Guide here: https://writeinpower.com/freegift/

Samantha Wallen is a writer, writing and book coach, and poet. She is the Founder of Write In Power, which offers transformative writing workshops, retreats, and private coaching programs. Sam’s mission is to restore the soul of our world, one word at a time. She is a Restorative Writing Mentor who helps you drop your agenda and write what wants to be written so you can restore what is precious inside you, and our world, by using words as a pathway to reach what lives beyond language.

Restorative Writing is memoir-based writing that awakens your voice and heals your spirit. It slows you down and tunes you in to the heartbeat and deep purpose of your life. Restorative Writing deepens our shared conversation of aliveness–the ordinary, the mystical, the brilliant, and the wounded, forgotten, grieved and silenced parts. It brings all of us home to rest on the sacred ground of our shared human story so we can connect to and serve life more fully on and off the page.


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