What comes to mind when you are hearing the word embodiment?

My thoughts are still changing all the time, it’s very much an open exploration to me. This is a solo episode in which I am sharing about my current practices and reflecting a bit on the past year.

I am also inviting you to write a zine with me, which I am really excited about! Here is the submission form: mrjzmkaz.paperform.co/

When I started my membership program over a year ago I was knee deep in my recovery from a sexual assault and wildly (sometimes desperately) interested in finding ways to reconnect with my body, reclaim joy and sensuality and find peace.

Being in community has helped me so so much and day by day working with plants, journaling and drawing cards has been a source of comfort and pleasure for me. I feel truly grateful for everyone who has joined in.

This non-judgemental sense of exploration in a sweet framework with lots of easy to use tools and regular check ins is what feels most supportive and exciting to me in this work, so I am bringing even more of it in.

You can learn more about the program here: www.daydreamingwolves.com/wild-embodiment/

And you’re welcome to email me at hello@yarrowdigital.com if you have any questions!

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