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Hey beautiful ones,

thank you for joining me for another interview episode! This time I spoke to the wonderful Rosemary Roberts about how incredibly fascinating and complex our bodies are. This is a really great episode for anyone with our without ovaries to listen to – I learned a ton and am feeling excited and encouraged to really pay more attention to my body and its rhythms. Here is what we talked about:

  • How Rosemary became interested in alternatives after being on the pill for a decade
  • What body literacy means to her and why it matters so much to make this work more accessible
  • Body literacy as an important aspect of preparing for an uncertain future
  • The relationship between permaculture, earth activism and reproductive justice
  • What a day in her forrest school looks like (it made me want to give myself forrest school afternoons)

Rosemary offers full-spectrum education and support for the reproductive continuum as a certified sexual/reproductive health and fertility awareness educator, as well as a childbirth and lactation educator, with a background in sociocultural anthropology, midwifery studies, permaculture and herbalism. She teaches group classes and works one-on-one with clients seeking to increase their body literacy and learn to chart their menstrual cycles to gauge reproductive and hormonal health, to effectively avoid pregnancy, and to increase their chanced of getting pregnant when they want to. She also consults around dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors that affect hormonal health. She is actively involved in reproductive justice support work, and passionate about accessibility and inclusion. She teaches in-person where she lives in Northern California as well as online, and has an upcoming live online class series on body literacy and using fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy. Please visit for more information!

You can find Rosemary’s upcoming classes, for which listeners can get 10% by mentioning Daydreaming Wolves when registering here:

Here is the link to the membership program that starts on October 1st including info on 1:1 support and the zines I am offering:

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