Hey everyone,

just a quick, sniffy note from me to say that Embodied Magic has begun, yay! We now have a book club and I brought the sliding scale offer back – tune in to hear more about what members receive each months and how you can join.

Love, Yarrow

:: About me and the Daydreaming Wolves podcast ::

My name is Yarrow I am a queer writer, body worker, comforter and web designer. My podcast and the community I’ve built around it is meant to support soft folks in reclaiming embodiment, creative expression, a connection to nature and everyday magic.

On Daydreaming Wolves you’ll find a mix of deep dive conversations with beautiful people who are exploring things that feel good in their own way and solo episodes in which I am sharing how to guides and magical food for thought with you.

If you like the podcast you might also like my Wild Embodiment membership – it’s a beautiful community on Mighty Networks that meets every month for soulful check ins, rituals and embodied writing. Everyone receives a monthly package filled with herbal recipes and video guides, play lists, journaling prompts, meditations, self-massage and writing practices as well as seasonal ritual ideas. You can learn more here: www.daydreamingwolves.com/the-magic-of…ent-program/ and you’re welcome to become a Patron to support the show here: www.patreon.com/daydreamingwolves

I also run a web design, tech support and small business mentoring studio over here: yarrowdigital.com/


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