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thank you for listening to another Daydreaming Wolves episode, you are so appreciated!

In this interview I spoke to Marissa of Cyclical Body about body fluency, cyclical self-care and embodiment – as you know all things I am curiously exploring at the moment. I am working with Marissa and am in her membership program, so it feels really exciting to share just a few of the things I am learning from her with you today.

Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Living in deeper harmony with our bodies
  • Our menstrual cycles as teachers
  • Finding more inclusive, authentic and open language around our bodies
  • Learning to really listen and following our stories
  • Shifting out of seeing our bodies as enemies
  • Finding gateways of embodied exploration

Here is what Marissa says about her work: 

I offer menstrual cycle education and holistic womb wellness guidance from an earth & body based perspective. My entrance into this work comes through birth work, studying with Whapio of the Matrona and Rachelle Garcia Seliga of Innate Traditions Postpartum. I was led to this path particularly through the ancestral elements of womb work, and at some point fell in love with the menstrual cycle and it’s been my teacher ever since. In the last year I have deepened into pelvic work through studying Holistic Pelvic Care with Tami Kent. I’m endlessly amazed by the wisdom of our bodies and the creative resilience moving through us. I am deeply informed by all the plant friends that have graciously found me on my path, as well as the territories that i’ve been held by – san diego, occupied kumeyaay land and recently lyons, colorado, occupied ute land.

You can learn more about her here: https://cyclicalbody.com/

And this is her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyclicalbody/

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