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Hey everyone,

happy new year, happy full moon eclipse! May you feel soft and blessed today

I am sending a solo episode your way in which I am sharing my new year practices, some tarot ideas and inspiration as well as updates on what I am planning this year.

Here are the questions for the practice I shared:

    • What am I grateful for to 2019?
    • What were my major themes?
    • What do I want more of?
    • What do I want to clear away before I start a new chapter?

And these are the questions for the tarot spread I shared:

    • What do I need to know about my next steps?
    • What can ground and support me right now?
    • What dream wants to be dreamed in 2020?
    • Which archetype will be my guide?
    • Which quality can I develop in myself?

Finally, here is the link to my Patron if you’d like access to the live tarot class, the embodied magic archive and my zines:

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