Hey appreciated listeners,

this episode is really close to my heart – I love working with my guest Rebekah Erev and really appreciate all that they do. Rebekah’s work is so rich with imagination and reverence for the earth and the human experience and yet also really tangible and accessible. Here is what we talked about:

  • Making art and ritual accessible to more people
  • Caring for the earth and our ancestors
  • The story of how Rebekah created their oracle deck
  • Embodying the role of a jewish priestess
  • Celebrancy and holding space for life’s milestones


Rebekah about their work: 

I am an ordained kohenet (Hebrew priestess), feminist, queer, artist, intuitive, healer, lover, creativity coach and teacher. I live on the Salish Sea in Olympia, WA., the original village of the Steh-chass people. In my work I collaborate with unseen and seen beings to make art and ritual with the intention to recover and liberate the earth. I offer intuitive readings and workshops to help people manifest their most true expressions, listening to the wisdom of their bodies. I also make objects and create public ritual as performance / ceremony.

Here is the Your Most Treasured Commitment course I mentioned in the intro: http://rebekaherevstudio.com/your-most-treasured-commitment

Here is Rebekah’s website: http://rebekaherevstudio.com/

and this is their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebekaherevstudio/

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