Hey friends,

happy new moon!

This particularly beautiful Friday feels perfect to bring you an interview with Luna Dietrich, also known as the pussy witch <3 It’s been wonderful and inspiring to talk to them about:

  • Growing out of being a people pleaser
  • How Luna changed their name and married the Earth
  • What it means to Luna to be an ecosexual
  • Why pleasure matters so much and how we can reclaim it

I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did <3

Luna Dietrich (she/they), aka Pussy Witch, is a pleasure centered sex educator, writer, healer and virgo-queer-femme-boss. Raised catholic and a born people pleaser, sex hasn’t always felt shame free for Luna.

At 14 years old, Luna “lost her virginity” (virginity is a myth) and was slut shamed and outcast. In college, she fell into a long term, safe monogamous relationship, losing all sexual desire, believing she was broken. It wasn’t until she discovered queer sex that she learned how much pleasure could be felt in the body, rather than sex just being an exchange for male attention and closeness.

With a focus on trauma-informed, comprehensive, pleasure-based sex ed, Luna has led over 1,000 students through her online courses. Her passion is helping recovering people pleasers and exhausted activists release shame and weave pleasure into their entire lives.

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