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Hey everyone,

I hope you are safe and able to stay home. As promised I am sending more podcast episodes your way so that we can least connect through the cosmic internet vibes. This Sunday I am also hosting a donation based grief circle – we’ll do some gentle breathwork, meditate together, journal and do some self-massage to ease the lack of touch. You can learn more, sign up and invite your friends here:

I really loved talking to Kathleen for this episode and have received several tarot readings from her that I still treasure and listen to lots (they are currently on sale for $25). Kathleen is truly magical, very real, very creative and very wonderful. Here is what we talked about:

  • Tracing our journey through life with tarot journals
  • Transforming harmful patterns in our lives
  • Creating a tarot deck and being in creative flow
  • The reality of building a small business under capitalism and worrying about money
  • Working with the memories we carry in our bodies

Although she thinks of herself as an eternal student, Kathleen has been working with the tarot for the past 19 years. Her father was a tarot reader in the 1970s but kept it secret from her until she bought her first set of cards at the initiatory age of 13. He refused to teach her the language of the cards, so she spent many years finding her own way with them. She has taught herself plant medicine and astrology over the course of the last 7 years, and now weaves her love for tarot, astrology, and plant medicine together in her work to support transformation in herself and clients. She is also trained in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) and Reiki to nourish the space she holds for others. By learning to find the voice within after all these years, she now teaches others how to find their own inner wisdom and that we can be our own healer.

Kathleen’s tarot readings on sale:

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