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Hey everyone,

I’m so happy to send this interview with Sheree Mack your way – it’s been beautiful to talk to her and I got so much inspiration from the way she approaches creativity, nature and life in general. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • How Sheree experienced the pandemic
  • Wild swimming and reclaiming a place in nature as a black woman
  • The magic of mixed media memoir
  • Tending to grief through ritual and connection to nature
  • Facilitating collaborative creative projects for women of colour

My practice manifests through poetry, storytelling, image and the unfolding histories of black people. I engage audiences around black women’s voices and bodies, black feminism, ecology and memory. I facilitate national and international creative workshops and retreats in the landscape, encouraging and supporting women on their journey of remembrance back to their authentic selves. I’m currently writing a mixed-genre memoir around a black woman’s body with/in Nature.
As the Project Coordinator for a Heritage Lottery Funded project, I’ve been working with Northumberland National Park Authority, Durham Wildlife Trust and the National Trust, to offer opportunities to BAME communities to spend time outdoors to develop and deepen our relationship with nature.

As promised here is the link to my book:

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