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Queer Spirit

A free monthly drop in space to explore your spirituality with other queers.

Come as you are, practice as you wish, share what comes up.

How it works

Every first Sunday of the month we’ll meet at 7pm UK time for about 45 minutes. After a brief check in & grounding we’ll each quietly practice for 20 minutes – you can look at the sky, dance, journal, pray, meditate or simply lie down and listen. 

Afterwards we’ll spend about 15 min sharing what came up and exploring how we relate to the divine in our own ways. Video and sharing is optional, queers of all faith traditions and none are welcome. 

I’m here for spiritualities of freedom & liberation

 that allow us to relate to the divine in our own ways. 

Why I’m offering this

Ever since I was little I have been craving answers to life’s big questions and making rituals to find comfort. I’m not part of a religion, but spirituality is important to me. I’m aware that as queers we often have a hard time finding belonging within traditions that welcome & accept us and that many of us carry religious trauma.

So I am hoping to open up a co-created, non-dogmatic, culturally respectful space in which we can deepen our practices in our own ways, while being together and supporting each other.

Join us, it’s free. I’ll email Zoom details nearer the time. 


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