Readings + Rituals 

Are you craving a tarot reading you can play, dream and explore with? One that becomes your own little ritual because it gives you practical tools to explore what the cards mean to you? Then this might be for you.

In my experience the real magic happens inside of us – its not something that falls from the sky. To me tarot is a tool for self-exploration, a way of mapping out the next steps and making use of our inner compass. I don’t just want to read the meaning of a few cards to you – I want to create something for you that you can work with in your own unique way.

How it works

My readings are audio recorded and are being send to you within 5-7 working days. To make sure you get exactly what you need you can choose between four themes – Transition, Self-Love + Embodiment, Healing and Purpose – and write about your individual questions and situation on my intake form. 

I will then create a custom five card spread and include a ritual suggestion, journaling prompts and a plant friend to work with in my audio recording alongside a picture of the spread. You are invited to explore the reading in your journal, to create a ritual for yourself with my guidance and to see if you want to work with the plant I have suggested – that way we are co-creating an experience that can provide you with lots of space for self-exploration, embodiment, courage and magic.

All readings are offered on a sliding scale

– you decide what you want to pay between $44 – $88.  

Want some mentoring?

That’s possible too! Whichever theme you choose for your reading, you can book two additional Skype sessions with me to get some extra support. Just tick the box on the intake form before you make your payment (reading + mentoring is $222) and you can then book your sessions through my calendar here

These Skype sessions are a chance to explore your questions in more depth, to find ways for you to integrate small rituals into your everyday life, to make deeper commitments to embodiment and self-love and to figure out what magic means to you. You will leave feeling more confident about your practices and benefit from gentle accountability, open ears and extra inspiration.

If you want ongoing support you can also consider becoming a Patreon to receive monthly ritual kits and regular readings. 

Choose a theme!

My Approach

I want my work as a tarot reader to be as accessible, trauma informed and magical as possible. I wont ever prescribe anything to you, predict your future or tell you that if only you tried harder you would get better. I believe you are already beautiful and perfect and that you can co-create your future. To me the tarot is a way for us to learn to trust our own minds and our intuition, which I believe is something that patriarchy often prevents us from. In this sense I think that the tarot can be both radical and healing and a way to nurture our resistance.

You get to decide what feels valuable to you and you are invited to leave the rest. If we are doing a relationship reading we will focus on you – your thoughts, feelings and the way you can show up. This is about you checking in with yourself and finding new ways to listen to your intuition, to nurture strong boundaries and to practice deep self-care. By actively participating in the ritual through journaling prompts and plant magic you will not just “consume” someone else’s interpretation of the cards but co-create some beautiful, long-lasting effects. That’s how we become magic. 

Kind Words

Thank you SO much for this gorgeous, heartfelt, gentle but powerful reading.
I loved, loved, loved taking it in and am so grateful you took the time to tune in for me, send light.
Deeply nourishing.
Especially loved the journaling prompts and the herbal potion suggestion / recipe instructions. So helpful!
Bless your beautiful soul.
- Rachael

Thank you.
Thank you.
As I just posted on Facebook, you are magic.
Within a few minutes, I was grounded, centered, and felt like we were having tea together.  Within 6 minutes, I was teary; 10 I was weeping.  It was beautiful.  Yarrow, you touched on things with such grace and directness, I can’t believe we haven’t known each other for years.  Your magic is real.  Thank you.   <3
- Lisabeth Aušrinė

Thank you so much for my reading. It was such a beautiful gift to have yesterday. I love your process and how you interpret the cards so sensitively. It all resonated with me and I feel much more hopeful about myself and my capabilities. It was a real reminder to me to connect with my body in kind, beautiful ways.
- Alex

I was very moved at so many points in the reading. I feel very nurtured and nourished. The reading was so accurate for where I am today and the journaling prompts so valuable for me to understand myself better. Deep gratitude for the love and care I’ve received here from you and your work.


- Priya Prabhakaran

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