For as far back as I can remember I have always been a NYE grinch. There were a few good nights, but overall I find the conventional way of celebrating overwhelming, unnecessary and scary. The pretty things in the sky are kinda nice I guess, but the loud, messy street level stuff really freaks me out. It seems like an excuse to display fragile masculinity and to burn a lot of cash. Considering that a lot of our neighbours will have experienced war trauma I also find it highly inconsiderate. 

And then there is the social pressure… We often start asking each other about plans before its even December, which makes me shuffle around awkwardly. NYE streets are crowded with very drunk people and I have been assaulted more times than I care to remember while trying to walk home. The last time I celebrated I fell over and ran home with bleeding knees. Why would I do this to myself?

So this year I have done some basic maths and realised that I can get really fancy food and pretty candles if I save on booze, an uncomfortable yet glamorous outfit & a taxi. And that there are so many alternative, beautiful ways to celebrate a new year.

Learning about the wheel of the year 

In many ways the way we measure time is really odd and there are actually, in my opinion, much more important days in the calendar to celebrate new beginnings. Learning about the wheel of the year has really helped me to connect with local nature and the seasons (of life). Plus it takes the pressure off celebrating specific days and instead makes space for ritual and celebration in a unique, more creative and fluid way.

Turning a leaf and decluttering all the things

I have been known to be so avoidant that I did my tax return on NYE and I have no shame. I think it can feel great to start over with no unfinished business or overdue tasks. Konmari all the things – declutter your life, wardrobe, bedroom, handbag, kitchen cupboards and to do lists. Rethink your social commitments. Promise yourself to act from inspiration and not obligation. Cancel all the things and have more naps!

Creating cute rituals to celebrate how special you are

Chani Nicholas is offering really beautiful rituals for each star sign that you can do at home, Rochelle Shieck posts free sensual movement videos for bedroom dancing and Sofia Rose Smith is always there to inspire some magic. If in doubt, just make things up. Take candles, add glitter, crystals, tarot cards, favorite food and all your best intentions for yourself. The throw things in the fire, ask for guidance, let go of everything that fucked with your awesomeness in 2016.

Here is what I will do: 

  • Receive my perfectly timed grocery order before locking the door and drawing the curtains
  • Run myself a golden glitter bubble bath
  • Put my favorite soft cotton pyjamas on
  • Lovingly prepare a three course dinner for myself – avocado bites with sun dried tomato, vegan lasagne with sweet potatoes and homemade vegan ice cream with raspberries and pomegranate
  • Listen to Freedom by George Michael while dancing and singing along
  • Appreciate the fancy aromatherapy candles I bought with the money I saved while rolling around in fresh sheets
  • Burn a list of all my resentments
  • Watch my favorite scene of Gossip Girl at least three times
  • Do a huge tarot spread for the year ahead, journaling about all my dreams and writing vows to myself
  • Hold my dog`s paw while he is freaking out about the sounds
  • Fall asleep at a time that feels good because a ten hour sleep is literally the most self-loving thing I can imagine right now


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