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Hey everyone,

mmmhhh. This is a good one! I’ve known Meghan for a while and really love her work & approach and hope you will too. This interview ties so beautifully with where I am at at the moment – appreciating that inner and outer seasons can be different and letting myself be where I am. I shared about this a bit in the intro and I hope that if you feel the same you know you are not alone. Here is some of what Meghan and I talked about:

  • Trauma informed somatics and movement
  • Gender inclusive work around cycles and seasons
  • Living in a rhythm that does not fit into capitalist society
  • The beauty of really listening to our bodies

Meghan Norean (she/her) is a womb witch and cyclical living guide weaving together cycle magic for regeneration of body + earth + community. She creates sacred space for womb-bodied beings to journey into remembrance + reclamation of their power through ritual, bodyfulness, meditation and archetypal energy work. Meghan works within a trauma-informed, healing-centered, somatic-based, anti-capitalistic framework in her online offerings. She can often be seen in the wild dancing, reading, performing spells and hand crafting womb-based embroidery.

Meghan’s work is informed by the lands that run through her blood, birth and love. She has Celtic + Germanic ancestral lineage. She was birthed on Turtle Island, the traditional lands of the Susquehannock, now known as Pennsylvania. She has spent the last 10 years living + working in Kolkata, India, the land of the Bengali people, where she met and fell in love with her partner.

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