Rituals for Love + Liberation

I believe that embracing rites of passage and celebrating life through ritual and play is deeply healing.

I love love.

I love weddings and birthdays and graduation parties, but I believe there is more to the human experience that deserves our attention, intention, stillness and the meaningful marking of time.

I’m here to help you create your own ritual for big and small wins, for losses, for heartbreak, for new beginnings and much needed transitions and for Everyday enchantment.

How we can work together And who this is for

I can support you in creating a ritual of your own virtually (more info below!) and I’m also available to facilitate rituals locally in the UK as a celebrant for all kinds of occasions like (queer) weddings or commitment ceremonies, (re-) namings, gender transitions, heartbreaks, new intentions, achievements or losses. 

When we meet we will dream up a ceremony or ritual that reflects your values and background. Whatever you choose to create with me I support you in making sure your special day is well organised and runs smoothly! 

If you are interested in my celebrancy services please email me for more information and a custom quote at hello @ yarrowdigital.com.

I love working with folks who are into unconventional, heartfelt and loving rituals that reflect compassion, justice and kindness. My work celebrates and embraces queers and trans folks and is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, shapes, races and beliefs.

I am a white queer person who believes in pleasure, radical dreaming, interconnectedness and cosmic love as a creative force. My spiritual practices are centred around reverence for the Earth and all beings, feminism, justice, animism and experimental, embodied enchantment. You can read more about my story and background here

Some ritual elements I love sharing

  • Plant magic (for example flower essences, herbal balms or special teas)
  • Beautiful tarot spreads and oracle card readings
  • Creative writing, poetry, myth and story telling
  • Candles, mirrors and adornments
  • Heartfelt altars that can be small and portable or big and glamorous
  • The elements – air, fire, water and earth 
  • Music, dance and movement
  • Visualisations and radical dreaming 
  • Self-massage and trauma informed sensuality 
  • Commitments to self-love (read more about my story with that below!)

Virtual Support for your love + Liberation ritual

I’m offering a virtual package that will support you in creating a meaningful ritual to mark a transition or rite of passage anywhere in the world wether it’s for a heartbreak, a commitment you want to make to yourself or others, a loss, a big change, a new project or business or some other kind of exciting new beginning. Here is what you’ll receive: 

  • An audio recorded tarot reading including journaling prompts that can help find more clarity around where you’re at and what you want from this work
  • A 60 min session with me in which we’ll dream up your ritual and talk through any questions you may have. I’ll come prepared with a beautiful bunch of ideas and an open ear
  • A pdf with guidance and ideas for your ritual as well as an audio recorded pep talk and a meditation for your special day
  • A 30 min integrations session with me in which we can reflect on how your ritual went, what you learned and how you want to move forward

The price for this is 229/279/329 USD on a sliding scale. 

Why Ritual?

Rituals are a source of grounding, orientation, comfort and joy for me.

We’re living in hectic times and it often feels like our devotion to our phones and work is more important than anything else. More important than stillness, self-care, heart to heart sharing, touch, poetry and intimacy with the world around us. 

Rituals are a chance to slow down, drop into stillness and to make space for what is actually present.

In ritual we can acknowledge the whole range of human experiences – joy, pleasure, anger, grief, deep sorrow. We make meaning by speaking the truth about what is happening in our lives and engage with moments of transition in empowering ways. 

Many rituals have three parts to them – Separation, Liminality and Integration. When we step into ritual space we separate from ordinary life by putting our phones down, creating a beautiful container and setting an intention. Sometimes the separation is a chosen step, one that feels like it’s been a long time coming, and sometimes it’s one that we were forced to confront, for example through a break up or a loss.

The liminal space of a ritual can be filled with love and joy, plants, tarot cards, dance, candles, music and flower essences to help us open up to the wisdom we can receive from the transition we’re in, but it can also be quiet and gentle to hold space for some tears and grief. It can be witnessed by loved ones or it can be just for yourself. 

After a ritual we ground and make space for integration so that we’re returning back to our ordinary lives a little different – maybe a little more inspired, open, calm and clear about what’s next or maybe just with a little less weight on our shoulders. 

Rituals are not a replacement for therapy, medical attention or medication that’s needed. They are a beautiful way to support ourselves through transitions in life and give us a sense of agency, meaning and creative expression. 

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