Stitching Together

A membership to support you in living a gentle and creative life. We get together to make, mend & write and to explore needlework and other crafts as a source of connection and wellbeing.


A brief overview

A new prompt, practice or project idea every month

Spark sessions every 1st Sunday of the month to write about intentions & dreams

Mid-week co-crafting every 2nd Wednesday of the month

Co-crafting plus show & tell every 3rd Sunday of the month

Plenty of inspiration & encouragement to build a practice that supports your wellbeing

Hi, I’m Yarrow

I’ve been loving needlework for many years and can clearly see the mental health benefits of having a regular practice in my own life. I make small, meaningful things by hand and work mostly with repurposed materials. To me, time to stitch is time to slow down, reflect and feel more connected. 

This year I’m also studying radical needlework histories at the University of the Highlands & Islands and I’m excited to share what I find with others through this project. 

Why radical needlework & simple craft practice?

Ever since I was little, I have always been in love with art making & ritual. Growing up ideas of what things should look like got in the way of me just enjoying myself though and life got really, really busy. It often felt hard to make time and to see the value of what my hands could do.

The pandemic, an accident and the loss of a friend confronted me with the fact that life is short and pleasure is precious. Being forced to slow down helped me appreciate the beauty of simplicity, of stillness and of valuing what we already have. I no longer feel the need to create huge works of art with lots of technical skill and resources. I am here for the small wonders I can hold in the palm of my hands and for making something new from things we often discard.

To me, the kind of needlework I’m into is radical because it considers context, meaning and the wider world. I use it as a way to understand and resists systems of oppression and to build community on the margins.

I know that my making helps me feel more connected & peaceful every day.

Our monthly topics for 2024

January - Starting with Slow Stitch

February - Finding confidence with colour

March - Mending as ritual

April - Making wearable, stitched amulets

May - Simple & beautiful crochet bowls for your keepsakes

June - Small handmade quilts

July - Exploring new creative stitches

August - Needlework as an ancestral practice

September - Making a comfort bag

October - Textile rituals for grief & remembrance

November - Stitched poetry & text

December - Needlework & dreams

Engage in your own way

I know most of us have limited time & energy and that we learn in different ways, so I want to give you different options to be part of the community. You are always welcome to work on something other than needlework, it’s up to you!

Come up with your own response to the top of the month or try the technique or project idea I'm sharing

Join us for the Spark sessions on the first Sunday of the month to set intentions for your work, creativity & life

Join us for co-crafting as well as show & tell time on the second Wednesday & third Sunday each month

How much is this?

The membership runs through Patreon, which is also the space where I share resources and the theme for the month as well as Zoom links and anything else you might need.

The base price is 14 USD/month and there is a concession rate of 8USD/month for those who genuinely can’t afford the normal price. This includes three Zoom sessions per month as well as the resources I am sharing with the group. Patreon let’s you pay in your own currency and you can cancel your membership any time. 

Your contribution supports my research, the Creative Rituals podcast and the community itself.

When are the sessions?

Our Spark sessions are on the first Sunday every month from 7-8pm UK time*. These are meant to help you find quiet time to plan your month and set meaningful intentions. I’ll share a workbook with some simple practices for you to choose from. 

On the second Wednesday every month we’ll meet for some quiet mid-week co-crafting from 6-7pm UK time* on Zoom. You can bring any project you’d like to work on or you can try the project idea or technique I’ve been sharing that month. 

On the third Sunday each month we’re meeting from 6-7:30pm UK time* to do a little meditation, quietly craft together and then do a little optional show & tell of our projects. This is also a time for you to ask me anything about my projects, ideas or resources. 

*7 pm UK time is 2pm ET and 11am PT, 6pm Uk time is 1pm ET and 10am PT. You can use the timezone converter over here

Are the materials accessible?

It’s important to me that everyone can take part in the way they feel like, so if there is any way I can make this easier for you, please do let me know! Here are some options for you:

  • The themed pdf you get each month will be screen-reader friendly and I will also add an audio file in which I am reading it out to you, so you can read or listen
  • The skillshare videos will live on Youtube, so you can enable captioning if you like
  • The Zoom meeting will also be live captioned and you’re welcome to be on or off video. Sharing is always optional
  • With the resources I am sharing I will prioritise things that are free, cheap or available through libraries
Are the sessions recorded?

I’m sorry to say they are not, for a few different reasons – mostly because the sessions are quiet, contemplative spaces where we get together to make with candle light, so there isn’t “content” as such to record. I also find that recording, storing and sharing longer videos adds costs and workload on my end and I want to keep this affordable. Finally, I find that sometimes folks feel more comfortable sharing when they know they are not being recorded. As part of the monthly workbook you do get a skillshare video of 15-30 min that you can keep & watch as often as you like to guide your practice. 

Do I need to have experience with needlework?

No at all! The ideas & projects I am sharing are beginner-friendly and you don’t have to share your work if you don’t feel like it. The show & tell session on the third Sunday each month is also a great time to ask me questions if you’re stuck with anything. 

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