Tarot as a light in the dark

I am offering a live virtual tarot class starting January 4th on Saturdays at 6pm UK time (that’s 10am LA and 1pm New York, here is a great timezone converter).

We will meet for three 90 minute sessions to dive deeper into the tarot – I will lead a meditation, share some ideas and guidance for developing nourishing, intuitive and creative tarot rituals and then we’ll practice together. There is also space for questions, to share what came up and to be witnessed in our intentions and desires.

This will be a great class for beginners and those with experience who like the idea of being introduced to another person’s perspective and meeting like minded folks. The gentle accountability of a group container is a beautiful way to bring some light into the depth of winter and to help you create authentic intentions and plans for the year ahead. My approach to tarot is grounded in embodiment and creativity – I view my deck as a tool for self-exploration, deep listening and intimate connection with something bigger than myself.

I wont be teaching the meaning of each card but instead share practical, approachable ways of reading intuitively and from the heart. At the end of the class you’ll have a toolbox full of valuable ideas for everyday rituals that will softly support you through winter and other challenging times. If you sink deeper into the practices I am introducing you’ll find more ease with making decisions and taking care of yourself and develop an embodied relationship to the archetypes of the tarot.

The dates for the class are Saturday 4th of January 6pm UK, Saturday 11th of January 6pm UK and Saturday 18th of January 6pm UK time and we’ll meet on Zoom. You will need a tarot deck (can be second hand!) as well as pen and paper or a journal.

You can pay $44 below to take part or become a Patron and get free access! 

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