Tarot Rituals

Are you craving a tarot reading you can play, dream and explore with? One that becomes your own little ritual because it gives you practical tools to explore what the cards mean to you? Then I hope my tarot rituals will bring you some inspiration and comfort. 

In my experience the real magic happens inside of us – it’s unpredictable and not something that falls from the sky. To me tarot is a tool for self-exploration, a way of mapping out the next steps and making use of our inner compass. I don’t just want to read the meaning of a few cards to you – I want to create something for you that you can work with in your own unique way.

How it works

My readings are audio recorded, cost $66 and are being send to you within 5-7 working days. To make sure you get exactly what you need you can write about your individual questions and situation on my intake form.

I will then create a custom five card spread and include a ritual suggestion, journaling prompts and a plant friend to work with in my audio recording alongside a picture of the spread. You are invited to explore the reading in your journal, to create a ritual for yourself with my guidance and to see if you want to work with the plant I have suggested – that way we are co-creating an experience that can provide you with lots of space for self-exploration, embodiment, courage and magic.

I offer two kinds of readings

These are perfect for anyone who wants to start a creative project, recover their creativity or invite more playfulness and fun into their lives. We’ll look at what’s holding you back and how to find the courage to make something that’s beautiful and true.

These rituals are meant for people who are experiencing a loss of any kind. If you are heartbroken, need to tend to your grief or want to let go of the past in a deeper way this is for you. I’ll hold space to explore what might be comforting at this time. 

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