Tarot Stories

I’m offering audio recorded tarot readings that I create for you in a cozy & soft ritual space.

They are meant to help you find bigger & better questions on your path, to re-imagine possibilities and to trust your own experiences.

The form below will allow you to tell me more about where you’re at and what you’d like your reading to be about. After making your payment you’ll then receive your reading within seven days via email.

My approach

I read intuitively and guided by my body and sensual experiences in a way that I hope is non-dogmatic and trauma sensitive. My aim is not to predict the future, but to find insight about our potential and wisdom in the present moment.

I offer audio recorded readings because I believe in non-linear time (and more practically also in the ease of not needing to navigate timezones) and because I myself love listening to recordings again and again so that layers of meaning can slowly unfold.

My practice is informed by the landscape around me as well as my queerness, my politics & my neurodivergence. I’ve taken classes with Lara Veleda Vesta, Alexis Cunningfolk, Lindsay Mack & Beth Maiden for example and have been mentored by Nancy Antenucci. I also learned a lot from the writing of Asali Earthwork, Oliver Pickle & Cristy C. Road.

The stories we tell matter.

They shape our imagination and the way we look at ourselves, others and our pasts & futures.

Tarot can help us tell more empowering stories & ask better questions.

Each reading includes

  • A 5-7 card spread & a picture of it
  • An audio recording of about 30min
  • Some journaling prompts
  • A plant friend suggestion to work with


I value economic justice and am working to make my work as accessibile as possible. The price for an audio recorded reading of about 3omin is GBP 50 and I am offering two free readings per season. If you’d like to apply for one of these please use this form and I’ll be in touch when the next one is available. 

After filling in the form you’ll receive an automatic invoice. Once this is paid you will receive your reading after 5-7 days. 

This card is from Thea’s tarot by Ruth West

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