Creating something beyond what we are experiencing right now 

requires us to tend to our grief and fuel our creativity, resistance and connection first.

This is a six week cocoon in which I’ll share guided breathwork meditations, journaling prompts and simple ritual ideas to support you in going inwards while also staying connected with a group of like minded people.

Here is how it works: 

  • The program will follow the structure of ritual space – separation from ordinary life (the first two weeks), liminality (the middle two weeks) and integration (the last two weeks)
  • Each week you’ll receive an email with three journal prompts, a guided meditation and a very simple (!) ritual idea – all to explore your relationship to grief and transformation
  • We’ll meet for three 60-80 min calls (every two weeks) to go into a deeper breathwork practice together, share what comes up and witness each other in making sense of these times

Unravel is intentionally kept super simple because most of us have limited energy and attention spans right now, so the program will meet you where you’re at without being another thing on your to do list. Simplicity doesn’t mean superficial though – this can be a beautiful, transformative experience and a soft support structure if you led it.

Dates and times for our calls: 

Saturday 23rd of May 6pm GMT/1pm ET/10am PT

Saturday 6th of June 6pm GMT/1pm ET/10am PT

Saturday 20th of June 6pm GMT/1pm ET/10am PT

Sessions will be recorded, but I highly recommend committing to coming to the live calls if you can to make the most out of Unravel.


Unravel is a pay what you can program. It would feel like a fair exchange to me if most people who want to join would pay between $30-$70 in total depending on what is affordable to them and I am asking for payments to be made through Patreon. As a Patreon you’ll also get access to all my digital zines, recordings and other programs – you can find out more about these here. Patreon allows you to make smaller monthly payments depending on your preferences, so to pay $30 for the program you could pledge $3 for ten month for example or to pay $90 you could also pledge $30 for three month.

If you have any questions do get in touch!


Do I need any experience to participate?

No! You’re welcome to join us even if you have never done any journaling, breathwork or ritual. You just need pen & paper and a willingness to think about grief. 

How much should I pay?

That’s really up to you! Ask yourself what you would pay for a comparable class and what you can afford and let me know if you have any questions. 

What is breathwork like?

This is a guided, active meditation that’s usually done lying down. To me it feels energising and like a good way to release some tension and anxiety. I’ll explain how it works and there will be time and space to ask questions. 

Do I need to buy anything?

No, you just need pen & paper. The rituals will be intentionally easy and I’ll always offer different alternatives for materials to be used that most people have at home.

Dear Yarrow, I just want to thank you so much for the 6 weeks of spending gentle time with grief. It’s been a defining time for me, journaling, dreaming, walking and softening in the very supportive environment that you’ve offered. Even though I haven’t checked into the get togethers, it’s been soothing to know that others are there, finding their own ways of lovingly holding the act of grieving. Thank you once again. 


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