Maybe creativity and togetherness can get us through. 


I am offering Creative Space Sessions on Saturdays from 6-7 pm UK time through winter as an antidote to lockdown loneliness. Until further notice these sessions are weekly rather than every other week. 

Each week I offer a few journaling prompts that you can work with, but you are also welcome to create your own projects – some of us knit, some of us draw or doodle, some write zines and some paint. Anything that brings you joy goes! We always open with a little check in and a deep breath before I share a quote or draw an oracle card for the group. We then quietly make and create together, drink tea and light candles. It’s good medicine.

I am offering Creative Space Sessions on a sliding scale basis – if you are financially okay you can pledge $11 or more to attend, if you are financially restricted you are warmly welcome to pledge $3 or more.

It’s such a pleasure joining Yarrow’s Creative Space meet ups on Saturday mornings (for me here in California). Having a space each week that’s dedicated to writing whatever I want to be working on or writing from the prompts that Yarrow provides each week has been a nourishing practice in a time that’s so chaotic. It’s nice to see everyone’s face from week to week and to feel supported creatively in a space without dogma. It’s a space each person can make their own. I’ve found I can both go deep with something I’m working on, or lightly muse and enjoy looking up occasionally to see everyone else writing away. I’m very fond of the people this meetup attracts and feel safe and welcome with them. It feels intimate and open and I’m so grateful to have this space to drop into.

Stevie Leigh

These Dream writing sessions are a lovely and much-needed container for me right now. Yarrow creates such an affirming space, offering us all a chance to speak our hearts and then get grounded in our own purpose for the time together. I look forward to this gathering every week and am always so delighted by how much more centered I feel afterwards.

Sara Schuster

Yarrow’s magical, soft, and sweet Dream container has been such a beacon of light in these tumultuous times. I had been struggling to stay creative as a practice and this is the absolute perfect, gentle, welcoming, container to keep me focused and motivated at least once a week, in soul centered creation. 

Erin Price

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