I write about reclaiming creativity and embodiment, recovering from trauma and loss, grief tending, being weird and wonderful and finding a place in the world that feels good.

So far I have published the following zines:


  • Relating to shadows – an ambivalently hopeful zine about death, loss and winter
  • Becoming a country queer – a zine about making decisions, moving to the country and enjoying aloneness
  • How we love each other, a relationship workbook for weird people
  • 27 things I learned on the Fife coastal path
  • Bathing in softness – a collection of self-care practices
  • Our bodies as anti-capitalist business owners – a workbook for folks who want to do things differently.
I’m loving the workshops not only for learning and deepening my knowledge but as a moment and a place of calm, peace, stillness, gentleness and sweetness. I also wanted to thank you for your zines. I find them extremely healing and nourishing. I resonate with them on a really high level, I adore them. I often find myself seeking comfort in your zines during dark times, they are a balm for the hard moments. And of course the podcasts are amazing!!

I just wanted to send a note to let you know that the ‘zines and very powerful tarot reading arrived, and I am over the moon with how lovely everything is! I have to tell you, investing in working with you via Patreon has been one of the best things I have done; not only do I treasure the learning and community you offer, I feel really good about supporting you and your work this way. It all feels organic and aligned perfectly with who I am and what I want to see more of in the world. That’s all thanks to you. 


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